01. We'll [fax] you the report this afternoon.
02. You can send in your homework to me by [fax].
03. The [fax] you sent me was blank. Could you try sending it again?
04. She [faxed] you all the info for the meeting about an hour ago.
05. We just got a new [fax] machine for the office, and it's really made life easier.
06. I'll print you off a copy of the [fax], so you can read it over before the meeting.
07. We've been trying to dial your [fax] machine all morning, but it's always busy.
08. We have a new office machine that is a telephone, photocopier, [fax], and answering machine all in one.
09. There are a dozen [faxes] on your desk that you'll need to look over this morning.
10. The [fax] machine isn't working, so you should just send the info by email.
11. We don't really use our [fax] machine anymore because we can just scan documents and then send them as email attachments.
12. Luke was fired after being caught [faxing] pornographic photos to the other guys in the department.
13. I read somewhere that an average of 88,000 [faxes] are transmitted in the United States each minute.
14. We received a [facsimile] from their office this morning.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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